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UG Village TCD

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The Village 

UG Village is nestled within the isolated areas of Sri Lanka. This village has never received aid of any sort, but its people are willing to learn, grow and end their own poverty. In this village, there are about 56 families, all living in extremely impoverished conditions. Through this project, our aim is to give a sound education to the primary age children. The village has urged to provide opportunities for the children to gain an education and learn the Tamil language. This language is now a compulsory subject for all children who partake in the island scholarship examinations held by the government. Our priority is to implement this, with the goal of having as many children as possible score high marks on the examinations.  Additional immediate needs of the community have been discussed between our TCD workers and the UG Village Man of Peace. UG Village is eager to end their own poverty. 

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Transformational Community Development©

The people of UG Village care deeply for the generations to come. Making education a priority, the other factors of Transformational Community Development are surfacing as equally important needs. 

Transformational Community Development (TCD) This process helps villagers find their own solutions to the five areas keeping them in extreme poverty - clean, accessible water; a renewable, nutritious food source; education for children; wellness habits and regional health concerns; and income generation for families.