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YM Village TCD

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The Village 

YM Village is made up of over 50 families, with over 50 children. The children lack in access to resources for a proper education, especially those in the primary age and those of low-income earning families. GHNI has been working with this village for a year to establish a positive relationship and build trust. GHNI and the villagers have started a tutoring class for children to come and study. This class is held in a poor villager's house. By improving the facilities of this class, we will have the opportunity of more children joining the class. Improving the educational standard of the estates, children will develop their thinking capabilities knowing right from wrong, build up their character and help them to understand that they are the future generation. 

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Transformational Community Development©

Through the Transformational Community Development (TCD) process, GHNI will provide an environment where the local community receives training to gain the knowledge and ability to help them become self-sustainable in the village and then expand throughout the south district. This project will also use joint participation projects between GHNI and the community to demonstrate how TCD self-sustainable projects can be accomplished and so that the village and surrounding villages can model these projects on their own. The development focus is to help the village become self-sustainable in the 5 key areas of TCD - Food, Water, Income, Education, and Wellness.