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Murtoch-Talon TCD

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Murtoch and Talon, even though not necessarily close, should be considered to be part of the same TCD project. Both of these villages are on the Westside of Dushanbe. These two villages represent two separate clusters, which is a positive thing. Positive change in either village and influence many villages in their surrounding clusters. Murtoch is located near a former leper colony, and with advances in medical treatment for this former scourge, these residences are willing to move beyond their unfortunate past. Talon is a bit more remote and shepherding is a main source of income. The lush surrounding hills provide ample graze land for livestock, but it is accompanied with harsh unforgiving winters. Both communities possess populaces that are willing to work to bring about a brighter future for themselves and their children.

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Water–Although water is found in the environs of both villages, there is a lack of adequate water within the villages. Based upon initial surveys, water will be one of the first areas to address. Both communities are motivated to solve their water access issues, as well as participate in any possible solution.

Food–There is adequate food in both villages, but this doesn’t mean there can’t be improvements. Murtoch is based more on traditional farms, where Talon’s economy is based on livestock.

Income–The stigma of leprosy has hindered the integration and growth economically for the people of Murtoch. Furthermore, in Talon, the reliance on a single commodity (animal husbandry) causes the community and its economic wellbeing to be vulnerable. Specifically, weather-related issues (drought, extreme heat, or cold, etc...), as well as the possibility of rapid infection, exposes with livestock as well as their economic wellbeing to the possibility of sudden down turns.

Education–Bases on initial surveys, Governmental Educational facilities exist in both location, but more investigation on the needs for children (& adults, esp women) must to be done.

Wellness(x2)–Like most villages in the region, wellness issues remains a major need. Our TCD wellness issue can address many areas that are lacking in these communities. People in Murtoch are particularly open to wholistic wellness issue.