Yagnob-Esanbay Villages


Yagnob-Esanbay Villages

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Extreme poverty in rural villages throughout Central Asia is cyclical.  Generation after generation continues in poverty resulting in illness, malnutrition and high rates of childhood mortality.  Children grow up with little hope for a strong future.  Many of the villagers lack the information necessary to develop viable and permanent solutions to the daily struggles they face.  Solutions providing cleaner water, sufficient food, adequate education, wellness habits and a source of family income seem impossible when faced with the struggles of those living in extreme poverty. 

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Transformational Community Development©

By identifying their needs and helping to provide solutions, villagers are growing more open to developing relationships with us. In Yagnob village, Transformational Community Development (TCD) is crucial to reversing poverty. The people have a lack of clean drinking water, little education, and low literacy rates. The GHNI team in Yagnob focuses on implementing teaching methods, and focusing on the five primary areas of TCD: Water, Wellness, Education, Food and Income Generation.