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Northern Thailand TCD Expansion TCD

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Community Leaders told our staff, “Our people are poor, but we do not know what to do about it”. The vision seminar went well, and the leaders decided that they want to continue the training. In the near future, Trey and Maddie plan to train these leaders and other members in the community by facilitating a TCD ToTI. We are excited about this future partnership.


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Transformational Community Development©

Our ultimate goal is for one or more of these villages to adopt the TCD principles and start working in their communities. Even after just two visits, local leaders identified four areas they would like to see growth in:

  • Officials report that villagers often have stomach issues that stem from the drinking water.
  • The school principal identified a need for all students to receive English lessons.
  • Local farmers expressed interest in improved agriculture techniques.

·A major problem for the village is lack of income opportunities.  The leaders have some ideas for small businesses in the village to generate income but hope we can provide training and consultation in this area to strengthen their initiatives.