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The ancient city of Smyrna is now the thriving modern city Izmir in Turkey.  Currently the third largest city in the country, following Istanbul and Ankara, the capital, it now is the home of approximately three million people.  Like most major cities around the world, it is plagued with many of the problems of rapid urbanization.  On the surface, everything looks fine and there appears to be no unmet needs in this modern metropolis.  However, as one travels to the outlying areas, underserved neighborhoods become quickly apparent. There are at least potential populations to work with; refugees, immigrants from the Southeast, and the urban poor, including single and abandoned mothers. 

Refugees are the first and most obvious group.  However, there are already services and other groups targeting/helping them, though gaps and needs remain.  Immigrants from Southeastern Turkey comprise the second group. Many of these people come from ethnic minorities and their first language isn’t Turkish. Furthermore, the education standard is very low in the region from which they come.  Likewise, because of security concerns and adverse government policy, public services in that part of the country remains problematic.  Because of existing prejudices, employment opportunities are very low, and newcomers have a very difficult time integrating into the existing social society.  This further ingrain isolation and establish of separate ethnic populations and neighborhood. 

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is a five-part coaching-based method used to create self-sustaining communities.This isolation leads to even further reliance on one’s own ethnic group and language – especially for women.  Unsupported women, single and abandoned mothers are the last group. In a society where family relations are central, the lack of familial ties can lead to all sorts of poverty – financial and material poverty, social and relational poverty and poverty of opportunities.

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Transformational Community Development©

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is a five-part coaching-based method used to create self-sustaining communities. Through the Women's Empowerment Center, we will address problems and develop solutions within the five key areas: water, food, income, education, and wellness.

Income is one of the greatest needs in the community. Unemployment and underemployment are rampant. Since there is a limit to social networks, coupled with low education standards, this limits economic possibilities. For single mothers, care of children during business hours creates challenges.