Visit a Village

Visit a Village

Joining GHNI on a short-term trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will work alongside villagers in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Not only will you travel to regions of our beautiful planet where few are able to visit, but more importantly, you will help to empower villagers who are working to end their own extreme poverty. You will build relationships, encourage those needing it most, taste a new culture, make new friends, create unforgettable memories, and experience the special feeling that only comes from doing something truly amazing.  Will you go with us?

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Short Term Trip

A GHNI Short Term Trip (STT) is ideal for your group. Whether it is a college club, church group, or large family, we can connect you to a project in the field. This trip is ideal for those who want to creatively serve alongside villagers. For example, your group may have specific skills or expertise such as photography, journalism, engineering, administration or construction or you are simply willing to serve alongside villagers in tasks such as digging, painting, building, or gardening. Each group member must be 18 years or older to participate during the short term trip.

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"Upon reflection, what I found the most moving was how the Global Hope Network does not impose on the villages where they work, but creates sustainable change by helping people help themselves. There was a sense of empowerment and hope in all of the villages we visited, and perhaps to me the most inspiring aspect of my time there was knowing that these wonderful people's lives had irrevocably changed for the better, and they will continue to find fulfillment even after they have graduated the TCD program. "

- Jade Sacker, GHNI Kenya Trip 2016

To read more about Jade's experience in Kenya, please read her guest article here.


Field Internships

GHNI Internships offer opportunities to serve in the field for a minimum of eight weeks. This program is limited to those 18 and older, and in some cases eligible for college credit. Preferred interests include humanitarian aid, public health, community development, non-profit management, agriculture, civil engineering, education and many others.

If you are interested in beginning the application process, please e-mail with your curriculum vitae or resume and expressed interest..