Blog: Afghanistan

Requests for Expansion

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

I have visited the poplar tree site three weeks ago. It was the time for the fourth quarter report. As I was submitting the report and presenting how we are growing the hybrid poplar trees in the region, the local government was very happy about it.

They were curious about how many cuttings we are going to distribute to the local farmers in the coming spring and are also asking us to expand the agricultural project in the Yakawlang area.

Anticipating New Projects

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Poplar trees will produce a good income for the local farmers who can grow their trees to the time of harvest. Hundreds of local farmers have trained how to practically plant poplar cuttings in their fields and taught their neighbors who have taken cuttings from them.

Female Artist Featured

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


At the end of November, I held another art exhibition in the Garden of Peace and Hope. More than 54 painted art pieces were exhibited, which attracted hundreds of people from different organizations, especially the officials from the ministry of culture. The artist was a very talented young woman with many works of art that she labored on for a year. She did not have an opportunity to display her works until I found her.

Our Model Poplar Tree Plot

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


The trees are looking amazing! In central Yakawlang District, we planted them in May 2017 and now some of them are two and a half meters high. This year, we didn’t give them fertilizer in accordance with our farmer’s experience from the former trees. Next year, we will give them fertilizer and hopefully the trees will grow up higher.


Small Garden Doing Great Work

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In September, we held an exhibition named “Peace” which included various art pieces of drawings and paintings by young students. More than one hundred people visited this exhibition, especially young girls and boys, some officials from the Ministry of Culture and Information, and also the Deputy of the Ministry.


A Peaceful Experience

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In the Garden of Peace and Hope all is going well, including for the gardener. In August we had another exhibition, of more than 60 pieces by ten artists. More than 200 men and women attended this event, especially the young people who are interested in art.