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Developing Leaders in Developing Nations

While GHNI’s central focus is development in rural villages, we believe developing the leaders of those developing nations to be crucial to ending extreme poverty.

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Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP)


GILPP was established by GHNI to bring genuine transformation and progress to rural communities by focusing on transformational leadership, public policy, and economics with policy leaders responsible for providing sustainable solutions.

National leaders of developing nations are invited annually to an intensive week-long summer workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, which addresses critical contemporary global and national issues. Learn more...

Provide a scholarship for a leader from a developing nation to attend the next GILPP:

Provide a scholarship for a leader in a developing nation to attend a TLD course:
Fund a scholarship to GILPP

TLD is an intensive course provided in country for emerging world leaders to bring positive change for their people.

As a resource to equip respected and progressive leaders of developing nations in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, we believe that it is these emerging leaders who will create solutions for the significant challenges these nations face. The three courses take place in various locations in strategic countries throughout the year. Learn more...

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Criminal Law Policy & Training Center (CLPTC)

The Criminal Law Policy & Training Center is a non-political, non-religious, privately funded non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources, consultation and training services to policymakers, government officials, law enforcement, civil society groups, and the private business sector who are committed to eradicating human rights violations, trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation of children. Our Mission To create a world where sex trafficking, sexual violence against children, forced slave labor, and human rights violations are non-existent. Our long-term vision is to protect and rescue the poor from violence by changing the conversation around violence against the poor at the international and national levels, expanding the number of people and institutions engaged in the fight for justice, and generating the support needed to scale the mission. Slavery has been identified as a horrific problem in many villages experiencing cyclical poverty. Hopelessness and desperation often lead to extreme vulnerability for villagers to succumb to human trafficking and slave labor. And thus our trafficking and slavery prevention work creates opportunities to break these trends. Our international legal team is responsible for fueling Global Hope Network International’s (GHNI) mission to bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting poor around the world – by delivering sustainable transformational community development (TCD) education and training to villagers that will empower them to find solutions so they can protect and defend themselves. Global Hope Network Intl. is an official partner with the United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR)

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