Sustainable Development (TCD) for Villages

How to Assist a Community do Self-Sustainable Development: 

How do you help rural villages, with few economic possibilities, get out of poverty?  The answer is long-term self-sustainable community development.  But this begs the question:  How do you do it?  More importantly, how do you get them involved?  Better yet, how do you help them lead the process?  These were all questions we at GHNI had when we started.  Thankfully we had some good mentors and helpful teaching to help us get jump started. 

In response to these questions, we developed a program called Transformational Community Development (TCD) to help coach and empower villages to transform themselves out of extreme poverty. You can click here to learn more about TCD has transformed a community in India. 

To understand how TCD works in villages, we have created a series of short (2-3 minutes) videos that tackle these tough questions. The videos capture the collective wisdom that we have learned over the years. The principles and techniques explained have been proven to work in a variety of locations, climates, cultures, and development situations. Some concepts like community ownership are universal and apply no matter what stage of development you are in. 


Long-Term Self-Sustainable Community Development Series: 


Videos will be released approximately every 2 weeks, so check back often to learn from our national staff around the globe about TCD and how to do self-sustainable community development better. You can also sign-up below to receive our TCD newsletter! 


Transformational Community Development

TCD focuses on helping a community in these five development areas. Click on each key issue to read how our villages are resolving specific needs.



Safe clean water for drinking, cooking and washing


Viable nutritional food to end chronic hunger and malnutrition


Solutions for critical sanitation, disease-prevention, and home health


Primary level education for every girl and boy


Resources for sustainable family income generation


How to Get Involved: