Blog: Afghanistan

Learning Close to Home

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

Girls and boys continue to learn computer skills in Bendall. Most of these students were not able to go far away to learn computer skills and pay huge fees. Our computer centre is close to their houses, and their parents are not worry about them because they are in village.

Working through Cold Weather

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Despite a cold winter, we work toward progress in Sheldon's school. We hope the remainder of the construction will be finished sooner, so that we can celebrate the inauguration with the people from Sheldon.

It will be great progress in Sheldon and neighbouring villages, and solve the problem that they had in the past. Their children were walking three to four hours per day to reach a remote school. They wish to gather in their new school this summer.

Spring Prospects

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

We had so much success in Valley of Ali with planting poplar trees. Many farmers learned how to plant poplar trees in their fields and promote tree-planting culture to their District. For the last few years, the local government also demonstrated tree-planting culture to every part of this hidden District, because in the past, people eradicated bushes to burn as fuel for their needs.

Transferring Knowledge Continues

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

The computer center is a main education institution in Bendall Village. Both girls and boys are learning computer skills during two scheduled times. Students are happy to learn computer programs in their own village. Before, they were walking two hours to get to a centre in the main Bazar. It was so difficult for those students who were going to Bazar in winter, because of the almost 30cm snow on the ground.

A Site Inspiring Thankfulness

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

The colorful school building in Sheldon looks so good when we get to the site. People are thanking always for this precious project.

We hope that the entire work will be finished, soon, so the children can come to use their new school in the new school year that starts in the spring.  It will be a big blessing for the people of Sheldon.

Thank you,

The GHNI Afghanistan Team

Readying for Spring

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Our trees became a model in Yakawlang District. As we are approaching the spring, we hope that thousands of poplar tree cuttings will be distributed to farmers in that area.

Every springtime when we go there, many farmers are gathering in the tree fields and asking for some cuttings. It shows that they saw the result and trees have a good impact in their villages. They long to get cuttings and plant in their own fields.

Soup’s On!

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Hundreds of families are benefiting from the solar cookers in Bamyan Province. They will not get tired, like before, when some were walking long distances to find some bushes for burning.

*Dagwood is one of the people who benefits from his solar cooker. He cooks soup and sells to people in Bamyan City, so that can earn income to feed his family. Before, he had to buy woods and bushes to burn and cook soup. As the fuel price is so expensive in this city, Dagwood was not able to buy those things.

Students Can’t Wait

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Families of Sheldon Village remain hopeful as they look forward to the completion of their new school building. With no school currently in their village, students have to walk four hours per day to attend another school.

Training Beyond Computers

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

We can see some change in our community, but we have concern about our security situation.

Some Transformational Community Development (TCD) participants learned how to provide healthy food for their families. People who learned health lessons try to teach their knowledge to others in Bendall neighborhoods.

Insulated from the Cold

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

We are working in cooperation with the Fine Arts and National Gallery. They have been very good partners with the Garden of Peace and Hope and GHNI.

Every day, I come to the main office at 8:30am and then go in to the garden. Babai comes in daily and takes care of the flowers in garden. Here, everything is growing well. The fountain is well protected and Babai made a greenhouse.