Blog: Education

Transforming Summer Programs

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

The summer has been busy with children’s programs and 15 villagers graduated from beekeeping training. We continued to offer a Transformational Community Development (TCD) program in five different schools. We also held a summer camp and taught nine lectures.

Regaining Lost Childhood

Building Relationships Through Wrestling

Hoja Bulbulok & Yagnob Villages, Tajikistan

Recently, I went to Yagnob Village for three days. We did training with Ali and Zokir, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers, and I met with their families. I also met with a local influential man (our person of peace) and discussed what we want to do in the future.


Studying for the Prize

*U Village, Sri Lanka

We have requested the school master to give monthly examinations for all grades to test their knowledge on what they have been thought. At the end of six months, the monthly examination results are given to us. This gives us an indication of the children’s progress.


Technology Comes to My Village

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Computer Center


The group at the Computer Center is gaining a lot of computer knowledge and skills. They are learning and practicing typing skills. The teacher is also helping them to grasp formulas. The students are very happy in this good atmosphere.


One thankful student shared,

Move-In Day is Here!

House of Esther, Armenia

The time for moving in has come, and things have really picked up. Exciting things are happening and there is a lot of transformation taking place. This may seem like something small, but this barn (an old mobile building) is an example of the transformation that is happening at the House of Esther in Spitak, Armenia.

School Enrollment and Farm Activity is Up

*RT Village, Nepal

As admission season occurred this quarter, many children were admitted to Ganesh Primary School in RT Village. Along with the Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee, a special admission campaign was launched in the village this year. Many children who were previously out of school were admitted, showing clear progress done by the rigorous work of the school and committee.

Over 150 Leaders Receive Training!

*BT Village, Nepal


Slavery Prevention

This month I got a great opportunity to give Slavery Prevention training for 65 church leaders in Dhangadhi. That program was planned by a partner organization. I simply introduced myself and talked about GHNI. I taught the definition of human trafficking, background of the far west Nepal situation, causes of human trafficking, prevention, and control.