Blog: India

Elevating Quality of Life

Jatapara Village, India


In the small nearby village of Jhopa, people are planting vegetables to add healthy nutrients into their meal. A woman named *Priscilla showed us a new way to grow a big and tasty pumpkin. Before, she used to sow and harvest in just one place; but now, she first sows the seed in a very wet area and, when the small plant comes up, she replants it with soil in a place where it should continue to grow. In this way, tasty and big pumpkins can be harvested.


Increasing Income Opportunities

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In the month of August, a man named *Manvay said he would challenge himself to earn more than 1,500 rupees per month (about $210). So, he built a saloon (barber shop) beside the road. During the month of July, after he finished with his field work, he started concentrating on his saloon. He will run it full time after he makes his saloon look good.

Effective Drainage

Resolved to Change

Kharibari Village, India


During our committee training in May through June, the committee had settled on three resolutions for the village, which were (A) install one more street light in the village, (B) write an application for construction of a culvert in the village, and (C) ensure that all the children of the village go to school and study at home in the evening.


Disaster Relief for India Flood Victims

India is experiencing some of its most devastating floods in history, with nearly