Blog: India

Gaining Trust to Begin Again

Committed to Showing the Way

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Villagers are taking on rice paddy production better than usual. We were expecting our recent satisfactory harvest after all the villagers used the hybrid rice seeds in their farms. This again helped me to draw their attention and win their trust.


Supporting Kitchen Gardens

Kharibari, India

Last month we started the kitchen garden project where we planted local vegetables such as mustard leaves, radishes, and other vegetables. Unfortunately, the untimely rain washed away everything and nothing was able to grow.

After speaking with the committee, they decided to replant the vegetables, so again I gave them some seeds for their kitchen gardens.

Developing Hybrid Seeds and Healthy Goats

Jatapara Village, India


For the last couple of months we have been guiding the farmers toward using hybrid seeds for their farming to get more production. All the farmers followed our coaching this quarter and grew the hybrid seeds. Even though all of them followed our example and listened to our teaching regarding the proper process of using these seeds, some of the farmers were still hesitant in doing all these things.


Still Full of Hope Despite Heavy Rains

Karibari Village, India


Last quarter, we were able to make important accomplishments in Karibari Village. After toiling hard for two months, we formed a village committee in August. Though the committee has a majority of women, we are expecting all villagers will be involved eventually.


Developing Leaders

Hoogly Village, India


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