Blog: India

New Committee Formed

Kharibari, India


We are striving to bring together all the villagers and continued to work on this throughout the summer. I visited villages nearly six times, and two times the meeting had to be called off due to very low turnout. When I was able to meet with them personally and told them about the TCD plan, they all seemed to be in agreement, but stayed away from the community meeting.


Gaining Trust of Farmers

Kharibari, India


Several years ago, a pond was dug by the Forest Department for a Fishery on land owned by Budhu, but the project couldn’t actually take off for several reasons. I encouraged him to restart the fishery in that pond and assured him of my guidance in whatever way possible. Budhu has agreed to start a fishery in that pond, and he plans to clean it soon.


Organic and Hybrid Rice Proves Successful

Jatapara Village, India


This is the rainy season here in India and, in almost every part of India, farmers cultivateGaining rice. In the village of Jatapara and surrounding areas, rice is the main cultivation the whole year.


Developing Model Villagers

Jatapara Village, India

This quarter, we could have a good harvest from our labor over the last few months. The goats we have given the villagers are now grown and breeding. We are hoping to see the healthy kids (baby goats) very soon.