Blog: Nepal

Pravya’s Hope

Villagers Welcome Transformation Training

*DG Village, Nepal


Kabita is now 19 years old, married, and she already has a child. She didn't get a chance to go to school. As she is so young, Kabita didn’t know how to care and protect her child from various diseases. She left her child uncovered, dressing her son in thin clothes during the winter season. Her son suffered from pneumonia. She was so worried about her son, and she became sad.


Our Loan Program at Work

*JT Village, Nepal


This month, our National Director Kiran Karki talked to the Single Women’s Association leader concerning how GHNI may help them to raise their income in the village. They invited us into their meeting. They are very much interested to partner with GHNI.


Dedicated to Positive Change

*JT Village, Nepal


**Kadeja is one of the model beneficiaries in our group. Her family is a known poor family in the village, as they don’t have enough land to earn money to support their family. After she joined GHNI, she could make good money through the Goat Loan Program. Kadeja was able to pay back her loan on time.


This family is so happy from our work in JT Village. They have a really good heart to give thanks to us.


No Longer Voiceless

*DG Village, Nepal


**Rabri from DG Village is an active member of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. She is 35 years old now. With her husband and daughter, they are a family of three.


Developing Good Relations

*JT Village, Nepal


In this month, our GHNI national leader, Mr. Karki, visited the school and farmers in the village. He talked to the principal and the teachers about how GHNI and the school can be partners to help the villagers. He talked about developing a good relationship with the community people and how GHNI can help the school build the relationship between students and parents more effectively.


Celebrating Transformation

*DG Village, Nepal


It is very encouraging that the Transformational Community Development (TCD) approach has been effectively working among the Rishidev and Mandal community in DG Village. We have already completed ten model toilets in this village. As we started women’s education classes, there is great impact on their life. Most of the women know how to read and write.


Interested in Self-Sustaining Work

*JT Village, Nepal


Currently in Nepal, villagers are busy and hoping for a peaceful national election, which is coming soon. We have continued our work with the children and others in the community. A new Income Generation Group has been formed. People want to start some sort of self-sustainable work, like goat farming, mushroom farming, or vegetable farming.