Blog: Nepal

New Healthy Habits

Dedicated to Positive Change

*JT Village, Nepal


Although busy with their own work and preparing for the festival, farmers still came for Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and meetings. Sharing their experiences with each other is so powerful. The leaders said this has brought change in their village. Teachers are more committed to invest effort in improving their school environment.


Changing One Life at a Time

Women’s Savings Group

*JT Village, Nepal


Engaged in farming this month, we followed up with villagers. A new savings group has been actively working with the community. **Kasuni is a member of the women’s savings group, whom we have supported. She raises goats and sells them, making good money to help with her family expenses and children’s education. Kasuni’s daughter and son have studied well.


Reaching Flood Victims

*DG Village, Nepal


In August, we struggled for our survival while also helping victims of floods. Some lost their relatives, and many villagers lost their lives. Villagers lack food and other basic necessities. Many cattle drowned and were swept away. There was great loss and sorrow. Villagers are still struggling for their shelter, food, and clothing. Children's books and other stationery items have also been soaked and damaged. Most of them don't have school supplies.


Investing Their Resources

Lessons Inspiring Change

*DG Village, Nepal


This past quarter, we taught about clean drinking water, personal health care, and sanitation. They learned about the importance of a clean environment. We taught lessons on disease prevention for diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and dysentery.


We continued teaching lessons on slavery prevention to raise awareness. We continually teach the lessons to the women groups, literacy classes, and children’s groups.


Commitment and Hard Work

*JT Village, Nepal


Many changes have been seen in the last quarter. Villagers seem more committed and hardworking. Monsoon season has started, and farmers are busy planting rice. Some of the parents started farming tomatoes.