Afghanistan Disaster Reponse

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With the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban swiftly sweeping through the entire country, many families are facing displacement. They are in desperate need of immediate short term food relief.

Our goal is to help provide short-term food relief to these families by providing food essentials like vegetables and rice, and kitchen kits including various cookware for sanitary eating. As well as helping those who want to leave and those who have fled the country.

$40 will feed a family of five for a week. $150 will feed them for a month. This is only at the survival level. However, this will be enough to provide them with some flour and/or rice, some inexpensive source of protein, like dry beans, a little cooking oil and some regionally appropriate spices. Depending on availability, we hope to give each family some fresh fruit and/or vegetables each week.

$100 will provide a basic kitchen kit for families that fled with only the clothes on their back. Each family will receive some cookware (a pressure cooker is essential for cooking dried beans), some plates and glasses and a tablecloth. No table is needed, as families enjoy their meals sitting on the ground, and the plastic “tablecloth” is essential for health and hygiene purposes.