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Latest stories from africa

A group of Benin villagers at a Committee meeting.
Mar 30 2023

But First, a Solid Foundation

Completed projects have benefited the community, but for long-term impact, there is an evident need to work on the basics and build a solid structure for TCD.
A TCD session at the Upper Egypt Village Cluster.
Mar 30 2023

Partnering to Learn, Grow, and Give

Many heart changes are leading to growth in the communities of the Upper Egypt Village Cluster.
A doctor looking at Egyptian patients.
Mar 30 2023

A Growing and Active Area

Many community members worked together to provide for each other.
A TCD worker talking to two ladies.
Mar 30 2023

Examining Your Own Heart

Examining your own heart and motivations can be difficult, but in Ezbit el Amir Village, community members are seeing the benefits.
A group of women standing behind a sewing machine.
Mar 30 2023

Making the Most out of the Dry Season

With the dry season in full effect and little work on the farms, a few women decided to make the most of their extra time by investing in a new skill set, and one day, a new...
A family at work at their store.
Mar 30 2023

Fighting to Break a Cycle of Poverty

The microloan program has had remarkable results and TCD continues to grow its relationship with those who need it most, breaking the cycle of poverty.
A land of dirty at the Chad Republic.
Mar 30 2023

Navigating a Traumatic Disaster

Miguel suffered tremendous loss after floods so our TCD team is working on raising funds and implementing strategic avenues of help.
A street view of Nakhl.
Mar 30 2023

Lessons on Loving Your Neighbor

Violence and jealousy lead villagers to open and honest discussions on love and caring for others.
A TCD meeting in session.
Mar 30 2023

Physical and Emotional Self-Examination

Whether it was examining their physical bodies or emotional health, villagers learned the value of self-examination.
An Hagganan father with his son.
Mar 30 2023

Forgiveness Brings Peace

Lessons on forgiveness lead to resolutions in relationships.

Latest stories from asia

Indian villagers attending a TCD intro meeting.
Mar 30 2023

Raising and Training New Leaders

With the help of both vision and training seminars, the ideals of TCD continue to spread in the Tea Garden Cluster.
Binodpur children watching a musician play a guitar.
Mar 30 2023

Focusing on Education

Children and parents are excited about the new tutoring center and the opportunities this focus on Education can bring.
An Indonesian woman working on rope.
Mar 30 2023

Healthy Transformation

One woman and her family take a direct step towards transforming their quality of health and life.
A pair of Indonesian women on a motorbike.
Mar 30 2023

Looking for Solutions

Community members are creatively making ends meet as they struggle through hardships together.
A group of children at the tutoring center of Shri Ambra
Mar 30 2023

A Center Reopened

The villagers of Shri Ambra celebrated as the tutoring center was reopened.
A latrine built by the Myat Hlae community.
Mar 30 2023

Latrines Increase Wellness and Village Reputation

The TCD Latrine Project has improved the health of her village and everyone is very proud of this achievement.
A Nepal woman and her chicken farm.
Mar 30 2023

Communities Encourage Each Other

As microbusinesses continue to grow, villagers remain committed to their plan and strategies for their community.
Community members gather with the TCD workers.
Mar 30 2023

Following TCD into 2023

Community members are working tirelessly to share their success with surrounding villages.
A Nepal woman and her food stand.
Mar 30 2023

Microbusinesses are Booming

Microbusinesses may seem small, but they are leading to major growth in many villages.
A villager and her home ruined by the flood.
Mar 30 2023

Flood Victims are Hopeful

It’s been more than six months since the flood and many villagers still cannot return to their homes and fields, but they are hopeful for the future.

Latest stories from the middle east

A sewing class being done at The House of Ruth.
Mar 30 2023

A Willingness to Help

A community’s willingness to help with many needs has led to individuals investing in the needs of the community.
The suburban part of Turkey.
Mar 30 2023

A Fresh Hope

Hope grows in the hearts of the Roma youth, even as a neighborhood experiences its last months.
Feb 09 2023

Ongoing Updates on our Disaster Response for Turkey

Read the latest updates on our Disaster Response for the earthquakes in Turkey! Please consider donating to help families devastated by these earthquakes.
A Jordan doctor doing a medical test on a patient.
Feb 03 2023

So Many Moments to Celebrate

Through many excellent programs and classes, the House of Ruth continues to guide and celebrate families.
A lengthy table filled with teachers and student at the Women's Empowerment Center.
Feb 03 2023

Celebrating Growth and Connection

The Empowerment Center finished up the year with celebrations and rejoicing for the growth their participants have experienced.
Dec 27 2022

Lifelong Learning and Care

Through a variety of offered classes and workshops, House of Ruth is helping communities thrive.
A Turkish family that took part in learning about TCD.
Dec 02 2022

Working Towards a Stronger Future

Working together to build capacity and care brings encouragement and hope to many.
The students and teachers in front of the education building.
Dec 02 2022

Giving Hope and Life

Lives are being both improved and saved through the clinic and training programs.
Nov 01 2022

Finding Reconciliation at Seaside

While the centre gained the attention of local leaders, the most rewarding progress was found on a trip to the seaside, where many mothers found reconciliation with their...
One of the students, Hamida, focused on her work
Oct 31 2022

Helping Women and Students Excel

Through several programmes, women and students are receiving needed care and training.


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