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Latest stories from africa

Two Egyptian girls in a conversation
Sep 30 2022

Walking Difficult Roads

Whether it is road safety or raising children, villagers continue to learn valuable lessons for life.
A little girl in the middle of talking
Sep 30 2022

Working on Relationships Brings New Life

Learning to share fears and concerns leads to a deeper understanding between family members.
Two kids smiling in class
Sep 30 2022

Lessons on Friendship and Fire

In Haggana Village, community members continue to learn important life lessons.
Kids playing outdoor games
Sep 30 2022

Encouragement, Awareness, and Change

Throughout the region, many women’s and children’s groups have provided care and nurturing in ways greatly needed and appreciated.
A classroom being build with plastered walls
Sep 30 2022

Let the School Year Begin

With walls plastered and rooms ready to be filled with furniture, pupils are eagerly anticipating new classrooms for the new school year.
Speakers talking about food and nutrition
Sep 30 2022

30 Locals Learn to Eat Balanced

30 locals learnt the importance of balanced diets as well as how to practically achieve this on a daily basis.
The graduates from the Womens Empowerment Center
Sep 30 2022

Never Too Late to Graduate!

The Women’s Empowerment Centre saw abundant success with an influx of eager applicants and candidates who have independently completed their education.
Village woman handling goats
Sep 30 2022

Independence through Goats

A Goat Loan beneficiary nurtured the opportunity well and has begun the repayment process, on track to be independent in just a few months.
Sep 08 2022

A Helpful and Hopeful Education

One village recognised their children needed access to a better education in order to more powerfully shape their futures.
Sep 01 2022

Standing Up to Food Insecurity

The villagers stood up to the complexities of food insecurity by planting new gardens, hopeful to feed their families and generate income.

Latest stories from asia

Sep 01 2022

Returning to the Fields Inspires Hope

Agricultural programmes are providing food and income.
Sep 01 2022

Villagers Plan to Be Safe from Floods

It’s the rainy season with danger from landslides and flooding.
Sep 01 2022

Ramantar Villagers are Becoming Self-Sustaining

Improvements are being made in all five sectors.
Sep 01 2022

Elderly Couple Becomes Self-Sustaining

You’re never too old to learn something new!
Sep 01 2022

Collaborating with Refugees

Respectfully working through disagreements can lead to a greater understanding and respect between groups.
Sep 01 2022

Community Service Helps Everyone

Through new committees, many villagers will be helped.
Sep 01 2022

Villagers are Motivated to Fix Their Roads

The villagers realised that their dangerous roads affected everyone.
Sep 01 2022

Villagers Realise They Have Local Resources

Self-sustainability depends on recognising what resources are available locally.
Sep 01 2022

Teaching About Disease Prevention

A village takes the time to understand ways to prevent common sickness.
Sep 01 2022

Seeking Solutions and Seeing Progress

This community is progressing well, but is always looking for new ways to continue to improve the lives of their future generations.

Latest stories from the middle east

Sep 01 2022

Better Together, Team Education

We prepared a TEAM education project where Turkish and American educators work with GHNI.
Sep 01 2022

Activities Abound at the House!

Besides having a much-needed medical clinic, class offerings include English, sewing, computer, crafts, and a mosaic workshop.
Sep 01 2022

The Clinic and Classes Benefit Many

The doctor, nurse, and teachers enhance the health and lives of many at the House of Ruth.
Aug 15 2022

Diligent Women Enjoy a Nature Break

The women reflected on the importance of nature and the need to enjoy it.


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