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We believe that developing local, national, and international leaders is a critical part of a long-term solution to ending extreme poverty.

What is Leadership Impact?

Through Leadership Impact programs we equip national leaders with skills, concepts, and methods to support balanced, responsible and sustainable development in their country. Empowering local and international leaders and policymakers is crucial to ending extreme poverty. This opens new opportunities for partnership and support for TCD projects and Disaster Response efforts in their countries. Furthermore, these initiatives facilitate increased collaboration to address global challenges like poverty, inequality, human rights, disease and human trafficking prevention.

The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy


The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP) was established by GHNI to help leaders transform their nations toward prosperity and liberty. The vision for the GILPP is to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership. The principal international initiative of this institute is to offer an intensive week-long summer workshop in Geneva, Switzerland on critical contemporary global and national issues.

GHNI enjoys Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in New York, Geneva, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria, Kenya and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



The Curriculum

GILPP uses an integrated curriculum which elicits sustainable development in chaotic times targeting global challenges and solutions in four strategic areas:

Public Policy

Good governance


Leading by influence


Globalization and leadership


Worldview and models of culture

Raising Effectiveness

In a non-confrontational style, we’ll create a thought-provoking environment for leaders from emerging nations to discuss and explore:


Public policy development and implementation for sustainable development among the poor


Regional and global overview of economic development


Public policy and model legislation resources


Transformational Leadership for the policy maker


Networking with key international organizations and people


Why attend this event?


Transformational Ideas

Help leaders return to their nations with transformational ideas for shaping public policy as well as more effective implementation strategies


Relationship Building

Start building long-term relationships with other delegates as well as with the distinguished speakers



Provide access to a community that will continue providing support with model legislation, leadership development, and public policy resources



Offer consulting support from staff and speakers introduced during the conference as well as GHNI consultation visits

If you want to personally grow, be inspired and get the expertise on leadership and public policy, learn from other experiences and make a better plan for yourself on how to increase your contribution to leadership and public policy, this is the place to be.

Delegate, Albania

The training on transformative leadership, quality of education and good governance which was presented by high caliber professionals, who are practitioners and researchers on the subject matter was the best GILPP has to offer.

Delegate, Ethiopia

Attending GILPP impacted me in terms of broadening my perception and enriching enlightenment. I was marveled to see the unchanging ethics and life truths being shared by the resource persons in a powerful and undiluted way.

Observer, India

Transformational Leadership Development

What is Transformational Leadership Development?

TLD is an intensive leadership development course designed for emerging world leaders to bring positive change. Transformation happens when leaders learn to see beyond the status quo to inspire others to achieve new levels of excellence, creativity and productivity.

Our purpose is to be a resource to equip respected and progressive leaders in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It is the leaders, themselves, who will create solutions for the significant challenges their communities face. We are committed to training and empowering leaders, each nation’s most valuable resource, to courageously lead in new ways.

An Integrated Curriculum



We focus on the International Community’s best leadership practices, not Western culture.


We believe these best practices are already a part of the fabric of most of these cultures. Our role is one of guided discovery—helping leaders discover what they already know and how to apply it.

Life Stories

We are not merely informational in approach, but transparent and personal. We enlist experienced leaders to teach, model, and mentor leaders.


We value the participants’ strengths, responsibilities, and commitment to excellence. We believe it will be the emerging leaders themselves who will discover solutions for the significant challenges they face.


We listen to understand each culture and their unique challenges.


 We engage participants in meaningful activity to create understanding and awareness.


Experiencing Change

 “I am not a dictator anymore! I bring in people and ask them what they think about a problem to see if they have any ideas. And now I really listen to what they are saying.”

 “I’m glad you came, these ideas are foundations of society–I’m not flattering–this is what we really need.”

“I believe your project is crucial and it is a great gift to our people. I can confidently tell you that I and my people needed to have this training long ago.”

Human Trafficking Prevention

As a part of our leadership training initiatives, GHNI and the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy are also working to address other critical issues associated with extreme poverty. There is more slavery and trafficking in our world today than any previous time and our team is particularly passionate about addressing this issue. 

Extremely poor communities are the most vulnerable to exploitation and often lack the training necessary to protect themselves.  Teaching villagers about slavery prevention is part of the solution. The true solution is to end extreme poverty through TCD, thus removing the vulnerability. Ending poverty ends slavery.

With your support we can help prevent slavery and trafficking from becoming a problem.


You can bring help and hope to millions of people in nations which desperately need it most by investing in the lives of leaders. 

Our Impact

Learn more about the various countries we work in and see the impact of GHNI!


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