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It is a central African country known for its varied culture and it is a major developing country in the area. They have enough water resources, but they don’t have enough training on how to use them efficiently. This is where GHNI helps them guide their self-reliant process and bring in hope for them to have a better tomorrow.



villagers impacted each year

The Work in Cameroon

GHNI has impacted the villages of Ngassa and Dovanga which are very close to the capital city but lack in development. Our TCD practices have helped them build more latrines and create awareness on the importance of proper sanitation. We helped them with milling machines to grind their food, which is an essential need in everyday life. People are thankful for our support and the satisfaction of self-empowerment is what eradicates poverty and that is what drives us to keep on doing what we do. The TCD impact has also influenced 4 other surrounding villages.

Latest stories from cameroon

A group of women standing behind a sewing machine.
Mar 30 2023

Making the Most out of the Dry Season

With the dry season in full effect and little work on the farms, a few women decided to make the most of their extra time by investing in a new skill set, and one day, a new...
A family at work at their store.
Mar 30 2023

Fighting to Break a Cycle of Poverty

The microloan program has had remarkable results and TCD continues to grow its relationship with those who need it most, breaking the cycle of poverty.
TCD worker, Sarah, preparing a nutritious porridge.
Mar 10 2023

“Kunun Tamowa”

To address the challenge of malnutritioned children, TCD workers help villagers maximize the benefits of local foods that will improve wellness and strengthen...
A row of Cameroon children sitting together.
Feb 03 2023

New City Launches TCD in Full Force

After two years of fostering relationships, a new city launched into TCD projects in full force. Let the Transformation begin!
Dec 27 2022

A Foundation Lesson about Hygiene

A portion of enthusiastic locals engaged in a TCD lesson about hygiene and sanitation, helping to spread the gains of TCD.
Dec 27 2022

Funding for Water Project Secured

Dreams are coming true as funding for the Water Project has been secured, addressing hygiene, sanitation, and disease prevention.
Dec 27 2022

Turning Kennel Seed Waste into Detergent

To solve a continuous waste problem in the community, villagers learned how to turn kennel seeds into useful and profitable detergents and soaps.
a Ngassa villager washing his hands.
Dec 02 2022

A Healthier Village, One Bite at a Time

After learning that an unhealthy amount of potash was being used in local food prep, TCD provided education to encourage healthier food choices.
Cameroon villagers preparing the land for dry season farming
Oct 31 2022

Introducing Dry Season Farming

The villagers continued to digest lessons about balanced diets and dry season farming techniques were introduced to reduce food insecurity during rain scarcity.
A tailoring center in Bankim
Oct 31 2022

“To See Their Dreams Come True”

TCD helps spread the message of proper hygiene to 370 registered students, and 17 children began their own transformative journey through the WEC.


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