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Egypt is considered one of the greatest ancient civilizations and the largest country in the Middle East

We implement Transformational Community Development  in 16 villages in Egypt – 3 community projects in Cairo, 10 villages in El Minya governorate – Upper Egyptians, and 3 community projects in Nubia tribe in Aswan governorate southern Egypt. We also have 2 centers for skills training and education for children and women in Zarieb Ezbet Al Nakhl in Cairo and one in Bani Mazar in Menya.


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Latest stories from EGYPT

A street view of Nakhl.
Mar 30 2023

Lessons on Loving Your Neighbor

Violence and jealousy lead villagers to open and honest discussions on love and caring for others.
A TCD meeting in session.
Mar 30 2023

Physical and Emotional Self-Examination

Whether it was examining their physical bodies or emotional health, villagers learned the value of self-examination.
An Hagganan father with his son.
Mar 30 2023

Forgiveness Brings Peace

Lessons on forgiveness lead to resolutions in relationships.
Egyptian woman, Umm Karim.
Mar 30 2023

Learning to Love Difficult People

Loving children where they are at, leads to families feeling more comfortable with each other.
A TCD session at the Upper Egypt Village Cluster.
Mar 30 2023

Partnering to Learn, Grow, and Give

Many heart changes are leading to growth in the communities of the Upper Egypt Village Cluster.
A doctor looking at Egyptian patients.
Mar 30 2023

A Growing and Active Area

Many community members worked together to provide for each other.
A TCD worker talking to two ladies.
Mar 30 2023

Examining Your Own Heart

Examining your own heart and motivations can be difficult, but in Ezbit el Amir Village, community members are seeing the benefits.
A TCD leader dressed as Santa and is with a child who was given a gift.
Feb 03 2023

Sharing Everything With Love

Many community members focused on sharing their food, hearts, and ideas this year.
A mother and daughter shopping for clothes at a clothing drive
Feb 03 2023

A Drive to Help

In harsh economic conditions, even something as simple as a clothing drive can be a source of comfort and joy.
Egyptian woman, Umm Jumana.
Feb 03 2023

Satisfaction in Place of Grumbling

Even small lessons can have a huge impact on a heart.


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