• Art Brings Hope

    Art for Hope was created by a friend of Global Hope Network International, who saw the talent of artists living in extreme situations.  The Garden of Peace and Hope in Afghanistan was his first source for beautiful pieces to share and offer to patrons living in the United States. He has since expanded to offering beautiful pieces from East Africa.

    As he began showing art purchased from artists living in villages and communities where GHNI serves offering Transformational Community Development, our friend found a following for the amazing pieces.  Each show offers several pieces of artwork as a gift with a recommended donation. The funds then are reinvested into TCD work in the area where the artwork originated. 

    We are delighted to partner creatively with our friend, Don Weinmeister! 

  • Visit the Field with GHNI!

    Joining GHNI on a short-term trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will work alongside villagers in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Not only will you travel to regions of our beautiful planet where few are able to visit, but more importantly, you will help to empower villagers who are working to end their own extreme poverty.

    There are trips to meet every level of comfort or "dis" comfort required!  From the adventurous to the person who needs a "real" bed, there are trips for you!  Visit a village, learn how this is working and become an advocate for our work.  

    Please travel with us...


    Sub - Saharan Africa: The rich concert of rain and rivers is silent.              

    … There used to be a river here, at least after the wet months, fresh for a while and star-sparked during a winter night’s hours of constellations. Children of the Sahara-snugging savannah scampered among mothers harvesting edible leaves, bush medicine, fuel wood and fodder. No handsome riverine trees, but occasional sentries of acacia clustered along the damp route laid by the rainy months, protecting the gatherers from the African sun with occasional bivouacs of shade. The rainy season’s dependable clouds would deliver water, amending the soil, soaking the infinitesimal spaces between dirt grains, finally puddling. 

    That was when the mothers and grandmothers were the children.