• Help Families in East Africa!

    Parts of East Africa are suffering one of the worst droughts on record in the last 40 years. Life in this arid and semi-arid region is often difficult, but with the last four rainy seasons failing, the situation is becoming more desperate. 

    14 million people across the Horn of Africa, including Kenya and Ethiopia, are facing urgent food security needs and potential famine. That could increase to 20 million or more over this year as the forecast for the next rainy season is expected to be less than average. 

    Would you help us provide 500 households with emergency food and water assistance?

  • Will you help us support Ukrainian refugees?

    Between 1 and 5 million refugees are fleeing from Ukraine into neighboring countries. Millions will also be internally displaced to ‘safer’ regions within Ukraine.

    Through trusted partners, our goal is to provide emergency food, water, hygiene kits, and blankets as well ongoing support to refugees and those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. 

    You can help Ukrainian families and communities during this crisis now! 

  • Have You Met Charlie Lamento?

    Charlie is Global Hope’s International Legal and Public Policy Advisor and our Permanent Representative to the United Nations. As a successful lawyer, prosecutor, and investigator – Charlie is passionate about helping countries develop effective governance and rule of law to help the downtrodden and oppressed. He is our champion for human rights initiatives and human trafficking prevention training. 

    Would you consider joining our work in preventing trafficking and developing public policy by helping support Charlie?