• Do you know Ari Hassan?

    Ari's history of working to improve the lives of others started in 1998, when he opened a school for street children in Iraq whose families had fled to safer cities.  Since then, he has worked with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and was instrumental in the opening of an English language school, where he later became the director. 

    Ari is multilingual and has translated several books with the goal of communicating to the people of Iraq that peace is the best way of life.

    Since 2014, Ari and his team have compassionately helped over 100 Yazidi families who fled because of war and persecution, losing everything but their lives. By giving them physical and emotional support, he has built relationships and trust that enable him to help the Yazidi families to reestablish their lives and heal from the trauma.

    Ari has been working alongside GHNI since 2015. He and his wife, Saya Hadi, have two wonderful boys, Aro and Andy.

  • Join our Monthly Giving Program, The Village

    This year you can help transform a community through our exclusive monthly giving program, The Village. 

    Through Transformational Community Development (TCD) villages are able to create local solutions to end their extreme poverty in the five key areas necessary for long-term, sustainable, development: food, water, wellness, education, and income.

    Your monthly gift to GHNI’s TCD programs, provides reliable support, ensuring the villagers receive training in TCD. You have the ability to transform a village when you commit to a monthly gift helping to end extreme poverty.


  • Access to Clean Water Gives Hope

    Villagers of Kiwanjani Village in Kenya now have access to clean water! Beginning in 2019, the village was able to begin work on a major water kiosk project to address this issue. The support of people like you made it possible to begin and complete this project. We are so grateful for everyone who made this possible!

    Before this project, life was so different and strenuous for many families; due to lack of water, many children could not attend school and there were a lot of skin diseases among the villagers. 

    As of now, 100 families who have been suffering due to lack of access to clean water are now enjoying their normal lives. The leaders of the community are appreciative for this step taken by GHNI to install dignity for the village.