• Helping Secure Food Security through Harvest of Hope

    Over the last 6 months, the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted lives throughout the world and one of the most impacted areas is food security. Many rural villages will not only be impacted, but will need the most help. 

    In response to these food challenges, our teams are working with communities to address immediate needs and create long-term solutions for food security.  With your help, we hope to provide training and resources to these villages.

    Our goal is to provide up to $2,000 for each community for training and resources like seed and emergency food supplies. Would you consider making a donation to bring hope to a community?


  • Transforming Lives through Food

    One of the 5 key areas of development within our Transformational Community Development model is Food: viable nutritional food to end chronic hunger and malnutrition

    Due to COVID-19, villagers in northern Thailand are left without food and employment security. Many are left without their usual incomes and means of obtaining food. In response to these challenges, our team partnered with local community leaders to plant gardens to provide stable produce throughout various seasons of the year. 

    Community leaders attended a two-day agriculture training class to learn new farming techniques. All the leaders went home with a certificate of completion, hundreds of seeds ready for their gardens, and new knowledge that they can share with their communities.


  • Have you met Kiran Karki?

    Kiran Karki has a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the Tribhuvan University Kathmandu, Nepal, which serves him well as the National leader for GHNI in Nepal.

    Kiran has come to GHNI with a strong background of transformation of rural villages through enterprise development, government and public relations, and helping poor and orphan children, and foundational knowledge in leadership and enterprise development in rural areas.  He also worked as teacher and principal for 7 years in Sunflower Boarding School in Pokhara, Nepal. He established good relationship between parents as well as with other private school and private school organizations.

    Additionally, Kiran’s 5 years involvement with Winrock International, a NGO, working with national and international organizations as program coordinator and grants/contract manager is valuable to GHNI in his role as a trainer for Transformational Leadership Development.

    Kiran and his wife, Nirmala, have two beautiful children, Sareena and Angel.