• Art of Hope

    Art of Hope was created by a friend of Global Hope Network International, who saw the talent of artists living in extreme situations.  The Garden of Peace and Hope in Afghanistan was his first source for beautiful pieces to share and offer to patrons living in the United States. He has since expanded to offering beautiful pieces from East Africa.

    As he began showing art purchased from artists living in villages and communities where GHNI serves offering Transformational Community Development, our friend found a following for the amazing pieces.  Each show offers several pieces of artwork as a gift with a recommended donation. The funds then are reinvested into TCD work in the area where the artwork originated. 

    We are delighted to partner creatively with our friend, Don Weinmeister! 

  • Help us maintain our 4-stars...

    As you likely know, Charity Navigator, Guidestar, and the Better Business Bureau are the top charity watchdogs protecting YOUR investment.  You may also know, GHNI, for years has held a very high 3-star rating.  Well, on August 1st as a result of our 2018 activities, GHNI was awarded a 4 STAR rating! 

    We can't do this alone.  Much of the success in holding the 4-star rating has to do with you and others like you who support our work faithfully.  The more funding raised for our projects, the highest rating is easier for us to achieve. 

    Why?  Because our operating costs are held tight and kept as frugal as possible.  That shared, when our support is up for our programs, we are still spending about the same on our operations.  The most influential number on the rating scale is the percentage of operations costs to program costs. 

    For example - $Op costs of $300,000/$Program Costs of $2,100,000 = about 14%.  $300,000/$1,900,000 = almost 16%.  Just $200,000 makes a 2% difference and can make or break a 4-star rating.

    We are so grateful for each and every one of you!  Keep up the GREAT work!


    If you are a mission team leader or participant, church groups, civic clubs or just an individual seeking knowledge on bringing sustainable development and restoring dignity to those living in poverty,

    21st Century Compassion work is a totally different ball game. Learn how to help communities living in extreme poverty to become self-sustaining and restore dignity by ending dependency for generations.

    “Many have declared this is a key to helping difficult to reach, hidden tribes. Attendees to the Hawaii Training have led teams to rural Thailand, Mongolia, Guatemala, West Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Serbia, and Armenia. They now understand the key role of local partnerships becoming self-sustaining and the key steps needed to establish movements amongst the rural poor.”

    2020 Training Dates in Hawaii:
    January 7 to January 12, 2020