• Join us for TCD Trainings 2021!

    21st Century Compassion work is a totally different ball game. Learn how to help communities living in extreme poverty to become self-sustaining and restore dignity by ending dependency for generations.

    “Many have declared this is a key to helping difficult to reach, hidden tribes. Attendees to recent TCD Trainings have led teams to rural Thailand, Mongolia, Guatemala, West Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Serbia, and Armenia. They now understand the key role of local partnerships becoming self-sustaining and the key steps needed to establish movements amongst the rural poor.”

    August 30 - September 3 - Training of Trainers Course 1 (TOT1) 
    September 6 - 10 - Training of Tainers Course 2 (TOT2)

  • What is Transformational Community Development?

    Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), villages around the world are learning to become self-sustaining and breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. 

    Community village leaders work alongside TCD staff to form five development committees in water, food, wellness, education, and income generation.  From helping villages access clean water to helping families create a sustainable income, villages are able to address problems and develop solutions for their community while using local resources.

    Transformational Community Development allows the village to take ownership and lead their community towards sustainable transformation!

  • Help Provide Relief to Afghanistan Families Now

    With the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban swiftly sweeping through the entire country, many families are facing displacement. They are in desperate need of immediate short term food relief.

    Our goal is to help provide short-term food relief to these families by providing food essentials like vegetables and rice, and kitchen kits including various cookware for sanitary eating.

    These families fled with nothing more than the clothes on their back and the few possessions they could carry. You can help these families now!