• What is Disaster Relief?

    Usually it’s after first responders complete their work that Global Hope Network International and other partners and organizations are ready to come around the communities affected and support them through rebuilding their lives after a political conflict or natural disaster.

    Our goal is to meet immediate needs in a practical way during relief efforts while looking for opportunities to transition from relief to sustainable development. We look for ways to bring hope and restore dignity to those who are affected.

    GHNI offers Disaster Response Training to help mobilize medical teams to supply health care, and volunteer teams to offer construction, counseling, and distribute emergency kits and necessities - like blankets, clothing, food, and medicine.

    Right now, GHNI staff are involved in several countries like Lebanon, Greece, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Armenia to help rebuild and empower these communities impacted by disasters.

    Would you consider joining us as we continue to bring relief – through Help and Hope – in countries around the world?


  • DG Village becomes Self-Sustaining

    We are excited to celebrate the graduation of DG Village in Kenya! The village began the process of sustainable transformation in March of 2017. 

    Over the past four years, villagers have learned valuable lessons to improve their way of life! Before the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program, children used to play and didn't go to school, but now all of the children attend school.  There used to be no toilets in the village, and now 80% of households have a toilet. Every household has been involved in Income Generation, creating self-sustaining income. The community developed good habits of cleanliness and wellness. They can take care of their health, eat healthy food, and drink safe water. 

    The villagers are now equipped with the resources and knowledge to continue to identify problems and find the solutions. Though the training period has finished, the TCD movement will be continued by the village and the committees.

  • Do you know Joshua Knight?

    Joshua has over twenty years of experience in the water, wastewater, sustainable engineering and international development fields. His call to work with GHNI fulfilled his deep longing to serve the poor in physical, mental and spiritual needs. He says, “Working every day with our world’s poorest on sustainable, community-driven solutions to meet their basic needs is an amazing blessing.”

    Joshua works to help ensure that GHNI infrastructure projects are sustainable and high quality. He provides guidance and technical assistance to GHNI project teams throughout the assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring process. This assistance is provided through project oversight and educating GHNI leaders in responsible engineering. For GHNI, Josh has been on the ground to assist on water, TCD and disaster response projects in Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Cameroon. Joshua and his wife, Rachel, live with their stupendous children Mary, Grace, John and Sonya in Denver, Colorado.