• Hear from our field leaders how we are working to prevent the spread!

    Many in rural villages are still not even aware of the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID - 19 and SARS - CoV-2.  We must reach them with precautionary actions they can take to prevent further spread of the virus.  

    Read our latest update from the field about this effort or click below for the latest video from one of our field leaders updating on the work to prevent the spread of COVID 19. 

    Villagers living in extreme poverty often are not aware of the need to wash hands, stay away from those who are sick or that disease is preventable altogether in some cases.  Our teams are ready and prepared to reach as many villages as possible over the next months to provide immediate training and offer soap kits. 

    We cannot do this without your help.  Please consider giving today toward this important need.


  • Disaster Relief Training at your location

    GHNI offers Disaster Relief Training globally for organizations seeking to not only bring immediate relief but to help transition communities for long term sustainability.  Our team is available for groups of 20 or more at your location at a reasonable cost.  Also, watch our website for announcements about training at our locations in Switzerland, the UK or in the US.  

    Relief is not enough.  We must help communities transition to an ongoing solution to their suffering.  GHNI teams will help you learn how best to manage this in any culture or community. 

    Email Joshua.Knight@ghni.org for additional information or to invite a team to train your church, club or organization. 

    Disaster Relief Training
  • Do you know Joshua Knight?

    Joshua has over twenty years of experience in the water, wastewater, sustainable engineering and international development fields. His call to work with GHNI fulfilled his deep longing to serve the poor in physical, mental and spiritual needs.

    He says, “Working every day with our world’s poorest on sustainable, community-driven solutions to meet their basic needs is an amazing blessing.”

    Joshua works to help ensure that GHNI infrastructure projects are sustainable and high quality. He provides guidance and technical assistance to GHNI project teams throughout the assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring process. This assistance is provided through project oversight and educating GHNI leaders in responsible engineering.

    For GHNI, Josh has been on the ground to assist on water, TCD and disaster response projects in Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Cameroon.

    Joshua and his wife, Rachel, live with their stupendous children Mary, Grace, John and Sonya in Denver, Colorado.