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    Families working gardens for food and income, children attending school and learning, villagers building latrines for a healthy community and villages ending their own extreme poverty.  The latest stories and updates have been posted and we hope you'll check out the latest.  Together, villagers, GHNI, you and others like you working toward a common goal are making it possible to end extreme poverty, one village at a time.

    We cannot do what we do without you and others like you.  Thank you for offering a hand up to villagers working hard to bring an end to suffering.

  • GHNI staff will respond

    Today, a strong cyclone hit India and Bangladesh in the very regions where we are serving.  Our staff on the ground will reach out to those impacted as soon as it is safe to do so.  The immediate needs will be - basic food, clean water, shelter, and building repairs.  Winds exceeded 150 miles per hour according to CNN.  Please join with us as we support those who have been impacted by this strong storm.  

    Relief boxes for one family (four to six people) will cost approximately $60 or £45 

    Will you reach out by giving to these people working to end their own poverty in this incredible time of disaster?


    If you are a mission team leader or participant, church groups, civic clubs or just an individual seeking knowledge on bringing sustainable development and restoring dignity to those living in poverty,

    21st Century Compassion work is a totally different ball game. Learn how to help communities living in extreme poverty to become self-sustaining and restore dignity by ending dependency for generations.

    “Many have declared this is a key to helping difficult to reach, hidden tribes. Attendees to the Hawaii Training have led teams to rural Thailand, Mongolia, Guatemala, West Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Serbia, and Armenia. They now understand the key role of local partnerships becoming self-sustaining and the key steps needed to establish movements amongst the rural poor.”

    2019 Training Dates in Hawaii:
    July 30 to August 4, 2019
    August 20 to August 25, 2019