• Do you know Rami Hanna?

    In early 2008, Rami was working as an insurance salesman but was looking for more. He desired to use his spare time to do something meaningful, so when his American friend, Matt, told him about his volunteer experience with GHNI, Rami wanted to know more. Matt pointed him to Jamal Heshweh, project manager in Jordan, who invited him to help with a short term team lead by GHNI president, Hal Jones. From that point on, Rami was hooked and his “spare time” turned into “all the time” as he has been working full time in villages around Jordan ever since.

    With the support of his wife, Zaina, Rami currently works in five villages building relationships and training them in the five areas of TCD. Not only does he provide encouragement to the villagers but he also works with the government to help them work effectively toward a better life for their village. His passion and joy in helping his fellow Jordanians is telling of why such transformation has already been developed in these communities through goat loan projects to food distribution.  Rami instigates wellness habits throughout his work with communities of those in great need.


  • TCD Trainings 2020

    21st Century Compassion work is a totally different ball game. Learn how to help communities living in extreme poverty to become self-sustaining and restore dignity by ending dependency for generations.

    “Many have declared this is a key to helping difficult to reach, hidden tribes. Attendees to recent TCD Trainings have led teams to rural Thailand, Mongolia, Guatemala, West Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Serbia, and Armenia. They now understand the key role of local partnerships becoming self-sustaining and the key steps needed to establish movements amongst the rural poor.”

    2020 Training in France/Switzerland
    27 February to 29 February

    2020 Training Dates in Hawaii:
    July 21 to July 25, 2020

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