• POSTPONED to 2021: GILPP

    The 2020 Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy will be postponed until 2021 (Dates TBD).  

    The GILPP team will be following up with information on potential online meetings still in development. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

    Please know you are appreciated, prayed for regularly and encouraged to follow your region's guidelines toward flattening the curve globally.


  • Helping prevent the spread of Coronavirus to rural villages

    Many in rural villages are still not even aware of the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID - 19 and SARS - CoV-2.  We must reach them with precautionary actions they can take to prevent further spread of the virus.  

    Villagers living in extreme poverty often are not aware of the need to wash hands, stay away from those who are sick or that disease is preventable altogether in some cases.  Our teams are ready and prepared to reach as many villages as possible over the next months to provide immediate training and offer soap kits. 

    We cannot do this without your help.  Please consider giving today toward this important need.


  • Do you know BAŞAK ÇELİK?

    Başak graduated with a degree in history from Hacettepe University, in Ankara. She completed her Masters in Education at Bilkent University, Ankara. During her Master's Program, she was also awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and did her research on Effective Teaching Methods. Upon graduation, Başak worked for a children’s publishing house as an Education Specialist and Editor. In addition to this she worked for an organization addressing the needs of disabled children in Turkey as a Project Manager. She also worked for the prestigious Turkish Education Association (TED) as an Education Specialist and trained the teachers in their network of 32 schools. Başak relocated to her childhood hometown of İzmir, where she lives with her two amazing boys. In addition to continuing to work as a freelance translator, Başak has volunteered to offer leadership to GHNI’s Smyrna Women’s Empowerment Center.  As an unpaid volunteer, she will be working with disadvantaged communities, focusing on the needs of children and women.   Your partnership will help support the work being done in this region.