• Helping Secure Food Security through Harvest of Hope

    Over the last 6 months, the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted lives throughout the world and one of the most impacted areas is food security. Many rural villages will not only be impacted, but will need the most help. 

    In response to these food challenges, our teams are working with communities to address immediate needs and create long-term solutions for food security.  With your help, we hope to provide training and resources to these villages.

    Our goal is to provide up to $2,000 for each community for training and resources like seed and emergency food supplies. Would you consider making a donation to bring hope to a community?


  • Help Refugee Families In Lesbos, Greece!

    After a big fire in Moria Camp, hundreds of refugee families are facing homelessness. From November 10th to November 20th, you can join our team to help these survivors. Our goal is to help 200 families who were affected by this fire and are now displaced. 

    Joining GHNI on a short-term trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity! If you are interested in joining our team on this trip, the deadline for all applications is November 1st. 

    Our short-term trips are impossible without those who graciously give to the project. We are planning to distribute 200 food boxes and offer each family 2 blankets and 2 camping sleep mats. We need your help to provide these items for each family. Would you join us in this effort to bring relief to the hidden and hurting?


  • Remembering and Honoring the Legacy of Hal Jones

    Earlier this week Hal Jones, the president and founder of Global Hope Network International suffered a major heart attack. His condition was critical and he passed away Tuesday. Our hearts are heavy and the entire GHNI family grieves the loss of this great man.

    The legacy that he leaves should be an encouragement to all of us in this time of mourning. Hal spent his life loving and serving the poor and the least among us.  He was truly a visionary and man of conviction who inspired so many to take action and do right in the world.

    His love and passion infused everything he did. We live in a better place because of him. We are asking for photos and/or any special message to honor the life of Hal Jones.