• Do you know Sushil Marandi?

    Sushil was born in a remote village of the state of Jharkhand among the Santal people. The Santals are one of the largest tribal groups in India. Most of them are illiterate and poor. Sushil was one of the rare ones to pursue an education.

    After graduation Sushil decided to serve his people by helping them in Community Development. Ever since, he has been involved in various capacities to assist them. He is grateful that GHNI has come alongside him in his vision to bring help and hope to thousands of Santal villages.

    Sushil serves as Regional Field Leader to South Asia, National Leader to India and as a local resource to many in India.  He, his wife and his children live and serve in India, depending solely on the support of partners like yourself.  Will you join his team?

  • You and GHNI Transform Leaders

    You may agree that empowering leaders of developing nations is essential to ending extreme poverty. The Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, Transformational Leadership Development, and the Criminal Law and Policy Center are working to solve problems, provide training, and bring transformational leaders to the next level for their area of influence.  

    By empowering leaders, we are working from the top down to impact the lives of those living in extreme poverty, those who are vulnerable to human trafficking and those impacted by a disaster or political unrest.  Will you consider offering a scholarship to a leader from one of these regions of the world today?

  • Giving Hope this Holiday Season

    This holiday season consider offering hope to those working to end their own suffering by giving a gift through Global Hope Network International in honor of your family and friends.  You can be a world-changer to a child, family or village!  Visit our giving page to learn how...

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