• 15,000 need rescue; over 200 dead

    As of March 21, 15,000 still need to be rescued, 217 dead in Mozambique.  The situation is very, very bad. People are still trapped on treetops and rooftops since Friday last week, (March 15th); they are hungry and thirsty waiting to be rescued. Those who have been rescued are in desperate need of food and shelter..a place to sleep. They are so many that the institutions do not have the capacity to host and care for them all.  Many, especially children have come under the attack of diarrhea and malaria. Those in their own homes have no roofs over their heads and no food. Crime is on the rise as people as desperation takes hold, some are invading homes, shops, businesses, and warehouses in search of food and basic needs. 

    GHNI will bring help and hope with your help!  At this search and rescue phase, food, drinking water, clothes, blankets, medications and indeed the basic necessities are urgently needed. Medical doctors are needed to work with local counterparts. Long term: When the water has dried, There will be a need to rebuild houses and other buildings washed away by the flood. 

  • Conflict displaces 400,000

    Cameroon has been experiencing a conflict since 2017 that has forced thousand of families to flee their homes. Many civilians have been killed and displacement continues to have serious consequences on livelihoods and living conditions of the affected populations. More than 400,000 people have fled their homes.

    The vulnerability has been further compounded by limited access to education for children due to attacks on schools.

    Around 351,000 Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) and 372,000 people in host communities need simple water sanitation and hygiene services (WASH). The United Nations has noted that only 1% of the need for the Cameroonian Crisis is being met!

  • Empowering Women Empowers the Whole Village!

    Global Hope Network International empowers women in many ways... The Isiolo Women's Empowerment Center, the goat loan program, the sewing project, the House of Ruth and the House of Esther, to name a few!  When a woman participates in any of these programs, she is able to generate income for her family, more income means more food, nourished children learn better and the whole village prospers.

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