• Long-Term Solutions to Food Crisis

    Due to COVID-19, many countries throughout the world are on lockdown making it hard for many people to have access to food. In response to these challenges, our field teams have not only developed short-term food distribution efforts, but also long-term solutions to help families grow their own food.

    Some of our efforts include providing more than 1,675 food packs in Pakistan, distributing essential food items and seeds to families in India, continuing agricultural training to help local villagers in Kenya and helping local villagers learn how to grow their own gardens through F.A.I.T.H Gardens and Keyhole Gardens.

  • Bringing Help and Hope to the Villages During COVID-19

    For the past four months, teams on the field have adapted to the COVID-19 global pandemic. While COVID-19 has stricken many villages, our teams have continued using Transformational Community Development (TCD) to not only address the problems from COVID-19, but find solutions to help combat COVD-19 in different villages.

    As the world continues to change from COVID-19, we have been able to address needs for water, hygiene and sanitation training as we shared vital information to help communities prepare to combat Coronavirus. With the disruption of much of the world's food supply chain, we are also focusing on food relief and helping villagers build sustainable ways to feed their families. 

    Your support is helping these villages become more resilient, even in the face of disaster. Through TCD we will continue to help communities address these challenges and become sustainable in all five areas of development: food, water, education, income generation, and wellness. 

  • Have you met Charlie Lamento?

    Lamento is the Director of GHNI’s Criminal Law Policy and Training Center in Geneva , Switzerland . The center’s mission is to reform and reinforce public justice systems by serving the needs of governments, NGOs, civil society and corporate business sector who are committed to the elimination of crimes against humanity.

    The center focuses on organized crime, human trafficking, and national security issues. In order to shape policy and legislation in the private and public sectors that strengthen the investigation, prosecution, and punishment of these complex criminal matters, the center will provide cutting-edge legislation and training based on model legislation and international best practices, including our community based crime enforcement model.

    Lamento is a legislative advocate, an accomplished lawyer, former criminal prosecutor, and criminal investigator with an extensive background in the investigation, prosecution, and punishment of complex crimes, including trying cases by judge and jury.