• Celebrate Women’s Empowerment with us!

    Did you know in many countries women still lack access to education, employment, and are at a higher risk of violence than men? Women and men all over the world are fighting to overcome these obstacles and injustices based on gender, but they need our help. While gender equality has improved in many areas of the world, for others, it is still an important issue. 

    Through Transformational Community Development (TCD) and Women’s Empowerment Centers, we are helping women develop sustainable skills to support themselves and their families. They are learning valuable knowledge and tools for Birth Life Saving Skills (BLISS) to decrease birth-related mortality for women and children, starting and running small businesses, financial management, literacy lessons, and hygiene for family and community health and wellness. 

    Many women have been the strongest champions of change and transformation in their communities and are growing as leaders among the TCD committees. They are lifting themselves, their families, and their village toward long-term, sustainable, health. Thank you for supporting them!

  • Local Soap Crushes Competition

    At the Isiolo Empowerment Centre in Kenya, many women have had the opportunity to learn the skill of soapmaking. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, soap needs have risen dramatically. These women are providing a local alternative to help fill that need. The women even say that their locally made soap is more popular than the industrially made soap! For every 5 litres of soap they sell, they make a profit of 360 ksh. 

    These women are empowering their community by making soap more accessible. This not only increases the hygiene of their local villages, but also helps protect people from COVID-19. They are also empowering themselves by learning skills that allow them to form a business and provide for their families. They’ve even been able to purchase donkey carts from their profits for transportation!


  • Do you know Basak Celik?

    Başak graduated with a degree in history from Hacettepe University, in Ankara. She completed her Masters in Education at Bilkent University, Ankara. During her Master's Program, she was also awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and did her research on Effective Teaching Methods. Upon graduation, Başak worked for a children’s publishing house as an Education Specialist and Editor. In addition to this she worked for an organization addressing the needs of disabled children in Turkey as a Project Manager. She also worked for the prestigious Turkish Education Association (TED) as an Education Specialist and trained the teachers in their network of 32 schools. Başak relocated to her childhood hometown of İzmir, where she lives with her two amazing boys. In addition to continuing to work as a freelance translator, Başak will give leadership to GHNI’s Smyrna Women’s Empowerment Center.  As a volunteer, she will be working with disadvantaged communities, focusing on the needs of children and women.