• Transforming a Village through Education

    Because of their resolve for transformation, the villagers in Bankim, Cameroon – alongside the TCD team – have received preliminary approval to build a borehole at the primary school! This borehole frees children from having to travel more than a kilometer to wash to meet the requirements to attend school; allowing more learning opportunities to students as well as improving hygiene and sanitation within the school. These efforts pave the way for more children to participate in education and build a brighter future for their community. This shows how such a project can affect many areas of community life.

    The village Income Generation committee also approved the development of a Women’s Empowerment Centre to train women in various arts in order to help them achieve financial autonomy and create businesses of their own.


  • Continuing to Bring Awareness to Villages About COVID-19

    For the past four months, teams on the field have adapted to the COVID-19 global pandemic. While COVID-19 has stricken many villages, our teams have continued using Transformational Community Development (TCD) to not only address the problems from COVID-19, but find solutions to help combat COVD-19 in different villages.

    As the world continues to change from COVID-19, we have been able to address needs for water, hygiene and sanitation training as we shared vital information to help communities prepare to combat Coronavirus. With the disruption of much of the world's food supply chain, we are also focusing on food relief and helping villagers build sustainable ways to feed their families. 

    Your support is helping these villages become more resilient, even in the face of disaster. Through TCD we will continue to help communities address these challenges and become sustainable in all five areas of development: food, water, education, income generation, and wellness. 

  • Have you met Trey & Madison Cason?

    Maddie and Trey met while Trey was living and working at a homeless shelter in Atlanta and Maddie came in to volunteer. Their first conversation centered on Maddie's desire to see fair employment practices in the developing world. Her heart for service sparked a 3 year dating relationship that resulted in them getting married in 2016. Maddie and Trey both graduated from the University of Georgia where Maddie earned a Bachelor of Science in Math Education and Trey earned a Bachelor of Social Work. Trey later went on to earn a Master of Divinity and a Master of Social Work in Community Development.

    Maddie has worked as a math teacher, special educator and coach of both cross country and girl's lacrosse. Trey has experience working in the fields of homelessness, refugee resettlement, international development, and public policy. Trey and Maddie are honored to join the staff of GHNI in Southeast Asia in partnering with villages to build a better, more sustainable future.