• You and GHNI Transform Leaders

    You may agree that empowering leaders of developing nations is essential to ending extreme poverty. The Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, Transformational Leadership Development, and the Criminal Law and Policy Center are working to solve problems, provide training, and bring transformational leaders to the next level for their area of influence.  

    By empowering leaders, we are working from the top down to impact the lives of those living in extreme poverty, those who are vulnerable to human trafficking and those impacted by a disaster or political unrest.  Will you consider offering a scholarship to a leader from one of these regions of the world today?

  • What is Transformational Community Development?

    Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), villages around the world are learning to become self-sustaining and breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. 

    Community village leaders work alongside TCD staff to form five development committees in water, food, wellness, education, and income generation.  From helping villages access clean water to helping families create a sustainable income, villages are able to address problems and develop solutions for their community while using local resources.

    Transformational Community Development allows the village to take ownership and lead their community towards sustainable transformation!

  • Join us on June 8th and 9th!

    Beginning on June 8th, UNITAR and Global Hope Network International will be hosting the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP). This two-day conference is being hosted virtually and is FREE to register and attend.  

    This year’s theme of Thriving During International Crises will focus on what we have learned in the past year and how we as leaders and the international community build back better and cultivate resilience in the midst of future international crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Join us June 8th and 9th to participate and hear from thought leaders like Dr. David Beasley of the World Food Program, Dr. Timo Waqanivalu from the World Health Organization, and His Excellency, Moon Soon CHOI, Governor of Gangwon-do Province,the Republic of Korea. They and many other expert panelists will discuss issues related to ending extreme poverty, human rights, and helping public leaders build compassionate policies that restore dignity to people around the world.