• Shambani Village Celebrates Becoming Self-Sustainable

    We are excited to celebrate Shambani Village in Kenya graduating from our Transformational Community Development program!

    Since our first visit in 2010, we have been able to walk alongside this community as they addressed and found solutions in the 5 key areas of TCD: water, food, wellness, education, and income. They have improved their water systems and now have consistent access to clean water! 96 percent of the children are now going to school!

    Through our faithful partners and donors, this village has transformed itself to become self-sustainable. It takes a community to make the ultimate difference in helping a village end their extreme poverty. Through our monthly giving program called The Village, you are able to help villages from across the world find sustainable solutions for their communities!


  • Helping Families and Individuals Generate Income

    One of the 5 key areas of development within our Transformational Community Development model is Income Generation. Throughout the world, our teams are helping villages generate sustainable income.

    The Village in Afghanistan have trained over 70 people in how to plant and grow Hybrid Poplar trees. Hybrid Poplar trees grow faster in comparison to local trees and people are able to grow these trees to generate income after a few years. Villagers were also trained to grow vegetables and build greenhouses for themselves.

    The Village in Kenya developed a monthly savings group to help boost individuals with a project of their choice by providing resources to expand their businesses like never before through small loans. One family has been able to develop a small business from waste skins to create special items like drums and decorative items. This has taken care of their children’s needs and family upkeep!


  • Have you met Aron & Yvonne Noll?

    Aron has a masters degree in intercultural studies. He has written,  produced, directed and edited over 50 short films that have saved humanitarian aid groups hundred of thousands of dollars in their fund raising abilities according to third party assessments.

    Aron finds traveling and listening and retelling stories of trauma solved by actions of compassion to be second nature. As an only child, his father who was a psychologist used to travel with him internationally and Aron would document outward bound type experiences of people working through difficult life change experiences. These experiences marked him for life. He was exposed to multiple cultures while living in Spain and Germany and has relatives who are 100% Japanese and German. Since Aron was still in his teens he knew he wanted to be involved in documentary filmmaking.

    Yvonne has studied counseling at a masters level and enjoys traveling and sharing ways to overcome trials. She likes sharing those experiences and encouraging friends, family and aquaintances. Aron and Yvonne have been married over 17 years and have 4 kids.